Un articol al dlui Mehmet U. Soyer

Reiau, mai jos, cu acceptul autorului, un articol al dlui Mehmet U. Soyer de pe blogul acestuia. Gasesc ca fiind remarcabile capacitatea si finetea dlui Soyer in a trece de la subiecte de cultura si arta la subiecte tehnologice si de afaceri, ca si de a face paralele intre acestea. Lectura placuta!
Paul McCartney a la Prokofiev
The keyboard master Rick Wakeman and guitarist David Paton performed Paul McCartney’s Eleanor Rigby, as arranged by Wakeman in the style of Prokofiev (Russian composer, 1891 – 1953). I think the result is great. I don’t know how you would evaluate it.
What I know is that sometimes when you apply the methods from the past to current issues, you may get very interesting results. On the other side, we might be losing the rationality behind an issue as we try to apply some new methodologies. For example, our fingers did not get smaller in time as some mobile phone producers anticipated. ☺
We notice that some of our clients follow technological developments very closely and to be up-to-date they abandon some of their very efficient applications. However, sometimes the new application generated by utilizing the new technology may not be as effective as the old one. Or it may be that the customers of that company cannot use the product or service as easily as the old one, and thus they are disturbed. If our clients are at a stage of making a decision on the use of new technology in their applications, then we suggest them to discuss this point with the potential acquirers, other than their direct competitors, during the meetings. It is possible to reap the fruits of cooperation even before a partnership.
If you would like to view the performance of Wakeman with Paton on Eleanor Rigby, please click here.

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